Charles Leaver – Reports Reveal Identity Fraud Surge And Malware Problems Increasing

This post has been composed by Charles Leaver, CEO Ziften Technologies.

In a report it was exposed that breaches of consumer data indicates that there are a growing number of identity thefts being carried out these days. This is very disconcerting for everyone.

The report was performed by the National Consumers League and it reveals that in the year 2013, around 33% of consumer data breaches caused identity scams, and this means that the figure has actually tripled since the year 2010. This worrying rise can be explained by some clear factors. Cyber bad guys are employing a lot more advanced strategies now and there is a lack of cyber attack laws that force companies to disclose when they have had an attack. To make matters worse there are few organizations using endpoint detection and response systems to safeguard their data. All this means that we are entering an environment where consumers are finding that their data is constantly under attack by deceitful hackers.

John Breyault, who is a member of the National Consumers League, specified that cyber attack breach legislation like the one operating in California can help with the reduction of breach reverberations by mandating the companies that have actually been attacked to rapidly get the word out.

He went on to say that after a breach prompt notice is needed so that people can conduct a “harm analysis” once they learn about a breach. This is everyone’s right and at the moment the type of issue that would set a notice in motion remains very broad.

Sadly, it is not just identification theft that is under the spotlight. A different report revealed that malware is now more widespread than it ever was.


Every Third Computer Has A Malware Infestation Revealed In A Report


The Anti Phishing Workers Group released a report specifying that malware was most likely to be present in approximately a third of the computer systems across the world by the final quarter of 2013. This is a substantial boost when compared with the previous quarter states Tech News World. The technical director of a security lab that investigates cyber attacks, Luis Corons, stated that new malware strains are being created at an extremely rapid pace and that malware infections might increase even further.

He specified that the development of new malware samples has just skyrocketed and it has actually doubled from the last quarter of 2013 to the very first quarter of 2014.

The findings of these 2 reports underlines the fact that there is no space for complacency in organizations when it comes to security. Every organization needs to sure up its endpoint detection and response systems or face the fact that a cyber attack is increasingly most likely to be coming their way.