Learn Why Cyber Security Is Critical And What It Costs – Charles Leaver

Written By Charles Leaver Ziften CEO

Almost all companies realize that they need to buy cyber security but they are never ever sure what they need to spend or why they must be spending. The idea that they might face a cyber attack on one of their servers and have actually sensitive information stolen is something that every organization needs to contend with, but exactly what kind of attack the hacker would utilize and how the company can defend itself is not so clear.

The bottom line is that overall digital protection is tough to achieve, and any presentations about cyber attacks in the media never supplies detailed information of how the attack happened. If this info was to be shared by the media then it could trigger copy cat cyber attacks. At the same time, media coverage of cyber attacks tends to leave out some basic information such as the fact that a lot of data theft takes place by discovering a way past a login page and not through getting past all the computer network security measures.

Endpoint threat detection and response systems are so important to an organization due to the fact that it provides details about cyber attacks as they are taking place, which then gives the company a chance to ward off the invasion. This is in contrast to previous endpoint threat response systems which was just able to react after the event. They were more like a brick wall that a hacker might navigate in time. The new endpoint systems prevent cyber wrongdoers from being able to produce an attack on a simulation of a network using servers at home and after that replicate this to infiltrate an organization’s network. The new endpoint systems continuously watch and provide a human intelligence solution that can eliminate hackers from the network and restore any damage to files that have been compromised.


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The monetary losses that an organization can face if they do not apply the ideal cyber security are considerable. Some companies are at the greatest danger due to the fact that they do not utilize cyber security at all. There is a rule of thumb that states if an organization employs 50 individuals then they should spending plan $57,600 per annum for cyber security. If the company is larger then this would rise proportionally, according to Businessweek. Most companies are under investing in cyber security since they do not fully understand the implications of data theft and how it can cost them millions of dollars without factoring in the intangible expenses of tarnishing the reputation of the company.

The best financial investment a company can make in cyber security is to encrypt all communication lines and install antivirus, anti malware and a state of the art endpoint threat detection and response system. These are the essential elements for creating a security system that is capable of resisting a variety of risks. If a company does not utilize a combination of security systems then they can be blind-sided with a cyber attack they hadn’t considered. It is necessary that all areas of cyber security are considered when building a network defense and all delicate data must be kept on servers and not on personal computer hard drives. It is true that there are many ways that the network of an organization can be attacked, and making preparations for these can help companies to make the changes that they need to. The security of an organization’s network is most likely the most vital factor for the safe keeping of data. When you install a confined, cyber safe network it will enable administrators to let their workers work easily.