Charles Leaver – Cyber Security Investment Will Continue To Grow At Record Levels And Here’s Why

Written By Patrick Kilgore And Presented By Charles Leaver Ziften CEO

A report was released called “Investors pour billions into cyber security companies” by CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures, Steve Morgan. This is not guesswork. The previous year alone, venture backed cyber security organizations raised practically $2 billion dollars. With this increase of capital, you would be forgiven for believing that things have actually hit their peak. However you would be incorrect …

At the midpoint of 2015, start ups in cyber security had actually already raised $1.2 billion in funding. There seems to be no end in sight when it concerns cyber security as Morgan indicates. Top companies like Allegis Capital have actually even raised funds (to the tune of $100M) to back cyber security development, exclusively.

The normal suspects are not there on the list of names. Morgan’s post mentions that the majority of the financing statements are for quick growing organizations like ours. Ziften remains in excellent company among innovators who are keeping pace with the demands of contemporary cyber security. While we lead the pack in constant endpoint visibility – others businesses have taken unique approaches, like using artificial intelligence to the battle against cyber attacks or simplifying crucial lookups to bring public key encryption to the masses. They are all dealing with a different piece of the puzzle.

And it certainly is a puzzle. Because lots of services are extremely specialized, working together is going to be crucial. The requirement for incorporating the different elements in the market for a sophisticated view of the issue set is clear. That’s why we developed Ziften Open Visibility ™ – to offer APIs, connectors, and alerts to incorporate endpoint context and attribution data with existing investments.

Market Vision That Is 20/20

It may seem like market saturation to the layperson but it is just the tip of the cyber security iceberg. Every day, cyber attacks become more sophisticated, finding brand-new methods to devastate customers and companies. This list of backed companies is a testimony to the concept that legacy endpoint and network security is failing. The notion of avoidance is a good one, however security specialists now understand that a 2 pronged strategy is needed that integrates detection and response.

You can have a 20/20 view of your security landscape, or you can keep your present blind spots. Which one do you believe will assist you to sleep at night?