Charles leaver – This Is The New Path To Endpoint Security As Blocking And Prevention Are Not Sufficient

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Charles Leaver Ziften CEO

Standard endpoint security services, some of which have actually been around for over 20 years, rely heavily on the same defense methods year after year. And even though there is constantly development and strides to enhance, the underlying problem still exists. Dangers will always find a way into your organization. And in many cases, you will need to wait up until your deployed service finally identifies the danger prior to you even can start to assess the damage and possibly avoid it from taking place once again (when you get all the relevant details to make that informed decision, naturally). Another downside to these systems is that they often develop a big performance concern on the actual device they are protecting. This in turn causes unhappy end-users and other issues such as management and reliability.

But this blog site is not about abandoning your present service, but rather augmenting and empowering your general security posture. Organizations need to move towards and embrace those solutions that provide constant tracking and full visibility of all activity happening on their endpoint population. Stopping or preventing known malware from running is clearly crucial, however does not have the general defense required in today’s risk landscape. The ability to run deeper forensics from existing or sometimes more notably, past events, can actually just be done by solutions that offer constant monitoring. This information is very important in evaluating the damage and understanding the scope of the infection within your company.

This, of course, needs to be done effectively and with a limited quantity of system overhead.

Just as there are many systems in the standard endpoint security space, a brand-new league of suppliers is turning up in this crucial step of the evolution. The majority of these businesses have workers from the ‘old guard’ and comprehend that a brand-new vision is needed as the risk landscape continues to alter. Just reporting and alerting on only bad things is entirely missing the point. You MUST look at the whole picture, everyone and all habits and actions in order to offer yourself the very best possibility of reacting quickly and completely to hazards within your organization.

By making use of services that fall under this “New Path of Endpoint Security” world, Security Ops or Incident Responders within the organization will have the much required visibility they have actually been craving. We hear this continuously from our customers and potential customers and are doing our best to offer the solutions that help secure everyone.