Charles Leaver – Beware Of Adding Subtitle Packages To Popular Movie Apps

Written By Josh Harriman And Presented By Charles Leaver Ziften CEO


Do you like watching motion pictures with all the rage apps like Kodi, SmartTV or VLC on your devices? How about needing or desiring subtitles with those films and simply getting the most recent pack from OpenSubtitles. No problem, sounds like a great evening in your home. Problem is, according to research by Check Point, there could be a nasty surprise waiting for you.

For the bad guys to take control of your ‘world’, they require a vector or some way to acquire entry to your system. There are some typical ways that takes place nowadays, such as smart (and not so clever) social engineering tricks. Getting e-mails that appear to come from buddies or co-workers which were spoofed and you opened an attachment, or went to some website and if the stars lined up, you were pwned. Usually the star positioning part is not that tough, just that you have some susceptible software running that can be accessed.

Since the technique is getting users to work together, the target market can often be difficult to discover. But with this newest research study posted, many of the significant media players have an unique vulnerability when it concerns accessing and decoding subtitle plans. The 4 primary media players noted in the article are fixed to date, however as we have seen in the past (just take a look at the current SMB v1 vulnerability concern) even if a repair is available, does not imply that users are upgrading. The research has also declined to reveal the technical information around the vulnerability to enable other suppliers time to patch. That is a good indication and the appropriate method I believe researchers must take. Notify the vendor so they can repair the issue as well as announce it openly so ‘we individuals’ are notified and understand exactly what to watch out for.

It’s tough to keep up with the numerous ways you can get infected, but at least we have scientists who tirelessly attempt to ‘break’ things to find those vulnerabilities. By carrying out the appropriate disclosure techniques, they help everyone take pleasure in a more secure experience with their devices, and in this case, a terrific night in viewing motion pictures.