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Charles Leaver – Organizations In Chicago Must Susceptible To Data Breaches

From the desk of Charles Leaver CEO Ziften Technologies

If you live in Chicago or run a business or work there, you should pay attention to a report that divulges that Chicago is one of the most vulnerable cities in the USA for cyber attacks. The National Consumers League, who are Washington D.C. based group who focus on consumer support, published the report as stated by The Chicago Sun-Times. The report exposed some distressing findings and among these was the discovery that 43% of the city’s population reported that their information was taken and that their data was used to make purchases on the Internet. This supposes that cyber crooks are being more forward thinking when it comes to taking personal data.

So if you suffer a hacking attack on your company you should anticipate the taken data to be utilized for destructive functions. The National Consumers League vice president of public policy, John Breyault, said “Chicago citizens who receive a data-breach notice should pay specific focus on purchases made online (using their details).”.

The citizens of Chicago are not being inactive and just dismissing this important report. The Illinois state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, is leading the efforts to establish a federal group who will have the obligation of investigating data security occurrences, so say CBS Chicago. Madigan’s office are investigating the attacks on Neiman Marcus and Target as well as others and Madigan feels that with the current severity of attacks the government has to take responsibility and handle the problem.

Madigan stated “It simply makes sense that somebody needs to take responsibility in this day and age for putting in place security requirements for our individual financial information, because otherwise you have disturbance and a considerable impact, possibly, to the total marketplace.” The time frame for establishing this group is unclear at present. Making things happen at the federal level can be very sluggish.

Endpoint Threat Detection And Response Software Will Provide Defense.

If you run a company in Chicago (or elsewhere) then there is no need for you to wait for this federal group to be established to secure your business’s network. It is recommended that you implement endpoint detection and response software due to the fact that this will supply significant defense for your network and make it virtually cyber attack proof. If you do not make the most of robust endpoint threat and detection systems then you are leaving the door completely open for cyber crooks to enter your network and cause you a great deal of trouble.


Charles Leaver – Don’t Leave Your Organization Prone To An Attack Like The Banks In Norway

Written by Charles Leaver Ziften CEO

The world of international hacking includes a lot of cyber wrongdoers that it would be impossible to call all of them. However, there are some hacking cooperatives that make their voices heard louder than the others, and a fine example of this is the Anonymous group. Mainly produced to be a hacking group that was loosely put together, on occasions the Anonymous group will perform high profile attacks by utilizing the hacking expertise of its members to make life challenging for governments and big corporations. Digital Journal has actually exposed that Norway banks have actually become a target of the Anonymous group.

Anonymous Make All Of Their Cyber Attacks At The Same Time As A Display Of Power

Through using cyber attacks Anonymous is a group that wants to reveal to the world the power that is has. It amazed no one that the Norwegian element of Anonymous made the decision that they would attack a variety of the nation’s banks, the choice was also made to infiltrate all of the banks simultaneously. On a specific time on the exact same day, eight of Norway’s most significant banks were hacked by the group, and this resulted in the online banking services of the 8 banks being severely disrupted.

Manager of the Evry security team, Sverre Olesen, stated “the degree of the attack is not the best we have seen, however it is the very first time that such an attack has actually hit many central agencies in the monetary sector in Norway”.

Aside from demonstrating the power that the Anonymous group has, the fact that all the attacks happened at the same time shows that cyber criminal activity is ending up being more of a collective effort with hackers teaming up to compare notes and supplying an unified force against selected targets. Any organization is vulnerable to this.

They Enjoy Being In The Spotlight

The majority of cyber crooks are not searching for any publicity, they simply want to take money quickly. They simply want to get in and out quickly. However the Anonymous group enjoys remaining in the limelight despite the fact that there is no public link to any particular individual.

According to allvoices, after the cyber attack on the Norwegian banks had actually occurred Anonymous did not waste any time taking credit for this in public. The cyber attacks on the banks not only interrupted the online pay platforms but also created extreme troubles for customers of the banks.

This attack by Anonymous underlines the requirement for all organizations to install endpoint threat detection and response systems that will safeguard them from the very same devastating incidents occurring to them.


Charles Leaver – Banks Could Have Prevented Breaches By Using Layered Security Measures

Charles Leaver CEO Ziften writes

There have actually been a number of cyber attacks on ATMs which have actually enabled criminals to take millions of dollars. In order to combat this risk, monetary businesses need to understand the different aspects of cyber security and the factors behind their utilization. Financial data will constantly be highly preferable to cyber crooks as most wish to make money quick which means that consumer monetary records and ATMs are both at risk. To execute the right security procedures, monetary companies have to know the layers that they need to keep the criminals away.

Unfortunately, unlike mythological monsters of legend, there isn’t a single weapon in the security system toolbox that can safeguard a server from being hacked. There are no cure-all applications to stop hacking. The very best way to safeguard online servers of ATMs and banks, the financial organizations will have to utilize a number of different techniques to keep their info protected. According to PC World, the hackers that penetrated the ATMs did so using malware that was very difficult to find. Banks actually need to utilize endpoint security as cyber crooks can attempt to penetrate systems by developing hacking tools that are a hazard to bank security through making use of computer systems that are utilized by bank tellers. This will give them a lot of options to penetrate the network of ATMs.

A Human Eye Is Required With Contemporary Security

The days have actually now gone where firewalls and automated services sufficed to keep hackers at bay. Banks need to be using endpoint threat detection and response systems to keep out the cyber crooks. There was a post on about US bank accounts being infiltrated by cyber crooks from Russia and this shows the destructive impact that hackers can have on banks that are not properly protected. Making use of security staff members 24/7 with items provided by security business is one way to make sure that a network is not compromised, but this is only one piece of the security puzzle that needs to be used.

There needs to be a change in the company culture so that the use of strong passwords is embraced, a policy that values security presented that prevents people bringing USB drives, and other computer devices, to the office without authorization are truly important. This and any other policies that will avoid harmful elements from infiltrating a server are all vital. A malware attack can be prevented earlier with the use of endpoint security. Using more powerful locks so that the crooks could not break through and install the destructive software would also have actually assisted.

Making use of various security layers to prevent cyber lawbreakers accessing networks a company will buy time for human beings to identify and stop the dangers before any damage is caused. A passive security system that responds far too late is not sufficient to provide the high levels of security that companies have to keep their data safe.