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Charles Leaver – Do Not Make A Secret Out Of A Cyber Attack

Ziften CEO Charles Leaver Writes


A business suffers a cyber attack. The system administrators learn about the attack, they want to know more about it, they send their IT team to attempt and stem the attack and recuperate lost data. This is exactly what happens after many companies have actually been breached, but then the business often fails to take the next important action: the proactive notifying of their clients that they have experienced a cyber attack. There have been many cases where it has actually been tough to get a company to connect to its clients and it takes a lot more time and coercion than it should do.

There is a propensity now that business that have actually been breached simply do not wish to inform those that have been impacted by the attack– their consumers– that the attack occurred according to the Portland Press Herald. The reason that businesses do not wish to tell their clients is completely selfish. They are concerned that the credibility of their company will be harmed if they inform the world about the attack so they always want to keep this news in house. Both Target and Neiman Marcus did this and waited far too long to inform their consumers that they had actually been victims of a cyber attack.

It Is Just Counterproductive To Keep Cyber Attack News Away From Your Clients

It is totally irresponsible to hold back on telling your consumers about a cyber attack and it can also work against you. If there is a long space between the attack occurring and businesses confessing that it took place then it can appear that the company is being dishonest and is not proficient enough to safeguard customer data. Regardless of this, businesses that have experienced an attack continue to withhold this info from their customers. JP Morgan Chase was an example where there was a hold-up of around 4 months before they informed their customers that they had actually suffered a major cyber attack. U.S. Public Interest Research Group consumer program director, Ed Mierzwinski, said there is a great deal of work to do when it pertains to informing customers that a breach has actually taken place.

He said that clearing your name was a “nuisance”. He also stated that it takes a lot of time and the company does not make money for doing this.

Despite the time and effort involved, it is necessary that businesses adopt a full recovery process and that they notify their clients about the cyber attack every step of the way. If the idea of telling your consumers that you have been attacked does not appeal then you can avoid attacks from taking place in the first place. If a rigid endpoint detection and response system is installed then a company can secure their network and be sure that they will not experience a cyber attack and put their consumer data at risk.




Charles Leaver





Charles Leaver – Without Endpoint Detection And Response Your Business Faces Huge Losses

From the desk of Chief Executive Officer Ziften Technologies, Charles Leaver.

Companies should be taking every possible action to secure their infrastructure with the current risk of cyber security attacks and it is intriguing that they are not doing this. Their data is essential to them however they are taking no action. Posting for bobsguide, guest poster Torgny Gunnarsson– who manages a company that supply data solutions – made the point that at a time when all businesses are constantly attempting to leverage brand-new technology, they seem to be reluctant to put the protective steps in place, such as endpoint detection and response. While it excellent that companies are utilizing the most recent technology, they are at the exact same time ending up being susceptible to a brand-new world of risks which include data loss, breaches of passwords and ransomware.

A few of these companies might not genuinely be aware of the risk of cyber security and virtual criminal activity, after they are hit with this issue there will be a number of consequences to this. Gunnarson makes reference to attacks on Target and Adobe in his writing and comments that these were examples of deficiencies in security which led to big financial losses. With the Adobe attack there was a loss of 38 million users. Informing 38 million users about this would definitely come at a high cost states Data Breach Insurance, and then there are the expenses of recovery as well as that. Reuters stated that Target had to pay more than $60 million as a result of the data breach, and also experienced a loss of business as a result of the cyber attack.

You would believe that these kinds of high profile losses would have all companies rushing out to safeguard themselves with an endpoint detection and response system and take any other measures that they might to prevent cyber crime. However the reality is different and lots of companies believe that there is no chance that their computer network will ever be under attack. This is a very risky strategy and really short sighted in this present environment of cyber attacks.


Safeguard Your Company Now With These Steps


It is an overwhelming prospect to believe that there are a variety of cyber bad guys who wish to access your information. You do not have to be the next victim of this even if there are a great deal of hackers out there. By taking these steps listed below you will make a significant effect on keeping hackers far from your infrastructure:

1. You should install an endpoint detection and response system. Absolutely nothing else is more important when it concerns protecting your business from a cyber attack. When you implement enterprise endpoints you will have the assurance that there will be no attempted attacks on your network without you being aware of it.

2. You need to make certain that all of your staff members are aware of the hazard of cyber security. Don’t simply leave it to your IT group to be up to date with the current cyber security dangers. You need to understand that a cyber attack can be launched from anywhere in the world and these hackers can target any business. When you keep your employees up to speed about these cyber threats you include another level of security by making sure that employees practice safe computing and do everything that they can to keep the hackers out.

3. You need to constantly monitor security. It needs to be a top concern to take care of your cyber security so make sure that it is. Make sure that your endpoint detection software is updated and put cyber security on the program at every meeting. There is no place for complacency with cyber security.



Charles Leaver – We Want A Fearless Company

Ziften Technologies are based in Austin, Texas, and Charles Leaver is the CEO.

This video from the Commonwealth Club features Steve Blank and he discusses how it is possible to develop an excellent company step by step.



There is no doubt that Steve is an intelligent guy and his funny bone is good. His business insights are highly valued and there are numerous points that he made that I agree with:

charles leaverHe stated in the video that “there is absolutely nothing that you can learn inside your own building so you have to leave it!” Steve claimed that this was a lesson that companies in Silicon Valley had to learn the hard way. Now at Ziften we make certain that we visit our prospects and clients on a weekly basis. Our business is young but the crucial officers and I know that we have to comprehend and be practical about the market and reflect this in our business design. When we know exactly what the market requires we can truly include value.

We constantly put our customers first and continue to listen to them. In the video Steve points out how difficult it is for business owners to listen to their customers instead of attempting to force their perspective on the market. What we also do at Ziften is to motivate our people to listen before speaking. When we are talking to our prospects and customers we have to comprehend that they care a lot more about how we can resolve their problems rather than pay attention to how clever we are.

Steve makes another interesting point in the video when he talks about how development is perceived in the United States compared to the rest of the world. The thinking in the U.S.A is right when it comes to our attitudes towards failing. Any person is motivated to learn from failure, and these will turn these people into knowledgeable executives who can really influence and add a great deal of worth to a brand-new business. It is necessary that there need to be no fear of failure because this will stifle innovation.

I constantly persuade individuals that work for us to take risks without any fear of a comeback. I strongly believe that this is pushing us closer to our objective of closing the space in between business customer security and security innovation and we are getting there rapidly. This is a considerable change and we are actually close to our goal.